Official Beta Launch M 031510 5:02:25p PDT

Today we BETA LAUNCHED a number of new pages for the OTOS suite. This means we are expanding with even more stuff for you to do when you visit!

Our Two Feeds

We now have TWO active feeds for your viewing pleasure. The first gives you all the absolute top Science and Technology Headlines as we release them, usually one a day Monday through Friday. The second gives you a good set of additional headlines, not good enough for the first feed but not to be missed either! You can either copy and paste them from here or use the links provided below:

OTOS Headlines Feed

OTOS More Headlines Feed

To Contact OTOS

E Mail us at:

Official Launch Su 021410 3:02p PST

Today marks the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of OTOS Sources, OTOS About, and Talent's Boogie. The first two join OTOS Headlines as the active parts of the On Top of Science (OTOS) suite of pages. The later is our streamlined way of bringing you our music video playlists. All three appear as links on our sidebar. Here's hoping you'll use them and enjoy them!

URL Change Sun 101109p HPL

Was otosaboutpage.b.c, Now otosabout.b.c

CD Sat 012409p HPL

We 093009a both fine with lots of EARTH